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Local Businesses

Capital Mortgages   (Map) Ask (0) Complain
106-18 DEAKIN ST, Ottawa

Phone: 613-228-3888 or 1-877-459-4414
Fax: 613-228-2555

Capital Mortgages, an independent owner operator of the Verico Mortgage Brokers Network, is one of Ontario’s leading real estate mortgage brokerages based in Ottawa. Capital Mortgages was opened in January 1999 by owners and mortgage brokers Richard Morgan and Po and Stefan Krepski.

Capital Mortgages has specialized as a service-oriented brokerage that prides itself on integrity above all else and maintaining a service level second to none in the industry. Our team of mortgage brokers and agents offer seamless solutions for all your mortgage needs whether to purchase a principal residence, a revenue producing property or to refinance existing loans and mortgages.
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